Why do I have an Assessor Visit during my Work Placement?

The Assessor Visit forms an essential part of your Work Placement experience. For each block of your Work Placement, you will be assigned with an Assessor who will visit and observe you, and will guide you on your way through your Work Placement and also ensure that you are on track with the activities in your Work Placement Logbook.

The Assessor will contact both you and your supervisor to organise a visit between Weeks 6-10 of your work placement term. During your visit, you will be observed and the Assessor will complete a checklist to ensure that you have acquired the skills required to work in the industry.

If you have any concerns about the activities in your Logbook, or questions about the Logbook itself, you may take this opportunity to discuss these with your Assessor. The Assessor is there to help you and guide you in any way possible, so please make the most of this opportunity!

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