Change host provider for Work Placement

We understand that sometimes completing Work Placement at a particular centre can be difficult, and we know that students can feel as though going somewhere else might be more beneficial for them, instead of staying where they have been placed.

Unfortunately, we are only able to accept students changing their host employers in extenuating circumstances. These include:
  • Compassionate or compelling reasons
  • Compliance and/or safety concerns with the provider (please contact Work Placement Team immediately)
  • The host provider is no longer able to provide a placement for the student
  • The student is asked to not return to their allocated host provider (pending investigation by ALG)

We understand that some students feel that where they have been placed may be too far for them to travel, and might take too long to travel by public transport. We acknowledge that this can be an issue and our team work hard to ensure that where we place you will be within a reasonable distance, and accessible by public transport. Unfortunately, this is not grounds for changing host employers during your Work Placement block.

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