Unable to attend Work Placement - Sickness

We understand that sometimes you might be feeling unwell and cannot attend your Work Placement. Don't worry, it happens!

If you cannot attend your Work Placement, please call and let your Work Placement Supervisor know as soon as possible to notify them that you are not able to come in. 

In addition, please send through a medical certificate to our Work Placement Team via email

Please kindly note that if you miss out on placement due to illness, you will need to make up the missed hours in-term on a different day. This can be arranged through your Work Placement Supervisor, to work out which additional days you can go into the centre. Once you have arranged this with them, please let our Work Placement Team know as soon as possible.

Still need clarification or help? 
Simply reach out to our friendly Work Placement Team by submitting a Request or use the Help widget.

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