What do ‘S’ and ‘NYS’ mean?

If you are seeing the letters ‘S’ or ‘NYS’ that probably means you have just received a grade for an assessment, or maybe you've heard those terms floating around while in class?

Let’s break down the marking system we use here at ALG to make things a little easier to understand!

'S' stands for 'Satisfactory', if you have received an ‘S’ grade for an assessment you have submitted, it means that you have answered all questions to the standard expected to pass the unit. Great work! There's no need to worry now, that assessment has been successfully completed, you can now move on to the next one.

'NYS' stands for 'Not Yet Satisfactory', if you have received a ‘NYS’ grade for an assessment you have submitted, it means that some parts of your assessment need correcting before your trainer is able to mark your assessment as satisfactory. 

No need to stress though! Students have more than one attempt to submit assessments, so if you are marked as NYS the first time, you will have some time (usually 3 business days) to make the corrections according to your trainer's feedback and resubmit for marking. Check out this article for more information about resubmission attempts: 

Please always make note of your due dates! This is so important! Make note of your assessment due dates as early as possible so you can plan out your study schedule throughout the term.

If you would like to read up on specific assessment resubmission information, please see Section A5 of the Student Handbook for details.

If you would like to know more, here are a few helpful articles related to this one!

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