How many assessment resubmission opportunities do I receive?

We don't always get things right the first time around, which is why you are provided with more than one resubmission opportunity for each of your assessments!

If you are marked Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS) for any of your assessments, do not fear! Here are the options available to you:

Assessments due in weeks 1-9

You have three (3) submission attempts:

  1. Original submission
  2. First resubmission/resit
  3. Second resubmission/resit

Assessments due in week 10

You have two (2) submission attempts:

  1. Original submission
  2. First resubmission/resit

You can read more about your submission attempts by viewing your STUDENT HANDBOOK Section 5 – Assessment, Submission and Academic Integrity Guidelines.

Still not Satisfactory?
If you have utilised your attempts within the term, you will still have another final paid resubmission attempt after the term has ended. This notification will come in the form of a Warning Letter and you can read more about this by viewing What is an unsatisfactory course progress warning letter?

Still need clarification or help?
Simply reach out to our friendly Admissions Team by submitting a Request or use the Help widget.

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