What documents can ALG provide to students?

Below are the various types of documents you can request from ALG using the Document Request Form.

Enrolment Letter

Enrolment Letter is an evidence outlining the course you are currently or previously enrolled with ALG.

Completion Letter

Once you have completed your study with ALG, you may need a Completion Letter to confirm that you have completed a course with us. A letter of completion can only be issued after you received your Testamur.

Holiday Letter

This letter is to confirm the list of term breaks at ALG. Students usually need to provide this to their employer as students can work more than 40 hours per fortnight during the holiday period.”

Statement of Attainment

Statement of Attainment (SoA) is issued for students who has completed one or more units of competency but have not meet the requirements for a full qualification.


A testamur is an official certificate received after you have completed your course at ALG. A testamur will be issued within 30 calendar days after being assessed and meeting the requirements of the course subject. Your will receive a digital copy of the testamur as soon as it is ready, and a hard copy will be given on Graduation Day which usually happen on Week 3 of the following term.

Work Placement Letter

This letter will include information about the work placement hours completed, the date and location of the completed work placement. 

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