I have received an Intention to Report for Non-payment of Fees

We understand that there are many factors that can sometimes lead to you not paying your fees, from simply forgetting the fee due date to other financial commitments, however it is really important that you make paying your fees a priority, as mentioned in Section 3 of the Student Handbook – Pre-enrolment information, certificates, fees and refunds

All students are sent reminders before their course fee due date as well as a overdue fee reminders. If you have not cleared your fees, you will receive an Intention to Report (ITR) for non-payment of fees.

Pay by Term
For Pay by Term, you will receive 2 overdue fee reminders before being sent an ITR for non-payment.

Pay by Month
For Pay by Month you will receive 1 overdue fee reminder before being sent an Intention to Report for non-payment.

What can I do to cancel out the ITR?
In order to cancel the ITR, you simply need to clear your fees within 20-working days of receiving the notice, and send through proof of payment to your Student Experience Team. As soon as you have done this, your ITR will be cancelled meaning we will take no further action against you for non-payment.

The Student Experience team will attempt to make contact with you over the 20 days to discuss your options. If you do not take action your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) will be cancelled.

How can I avoid being sent an Intention to Report in the future?
To avoid being sent an ITR for non-payment of fees in future, you may want to consider whether the way you pay is right for you. We currently offer students the opportunity to either Pay by Term or Pay by Month. To change your payment method, visit our Change of Payment Option page, and be sure to check out our Course Fee Price List, as Pay by Month is at a premium cost.

Please note you have the right to submit an appeal against the ITR within 20-working days by filling in the online Complaints/Appeal Form, and ensuring you provide supporting documentation as evidence of your financial struggles. Please view our Complaints and Appeals Policy for further information. 

Still need clarification or help?
Simply reach out to our friendly Student Experience Team by submitting a Request or use the Help widget.

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