What is an Intention to Report (ITR) and why have I received one?

We know an Intention to Report can seem daunting at first, however let us help to clarify your understanding.

There are three reasons as to why you may have received an Intention to Report (ITR), and every ITR has a different action you can take to rectify the problem and cancel out the ITR.

It is important to know, that before an ITR is sent, regular reminders or warning letters will be issued to help notify you of strategies you can take to maximise the chances of success in your studies. Please note that an ITR is always the last resort, and you have 20-working days to take action. You also have the right to appeal the decision by submitting an Appeal along with relevant and applicable evidence.

The Student Experience team will attempt to make contact with you over the 20 days to discuss your options. If you do not take action your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) will be cancelled.

Why have I received an ITR?
An ITR is always sent as a last resort after warning letters have been sent via email to the email address you have registered with ALG. You may have received an Intention to Report for either of the following reasons:

  • You have failed to clear your tuition fees on time (non-payment of fees)
  • You have been deemed Not Yet Competent (NYC) for two or more consecutive terms or have been deemed NYC for the same subject if you are repeating a term (unsatisfactory course progress)
  • You have not met the minimum attendance requirement for the term (unsatisfactory attendance)

For more detailed information on an Intention To Report for Unsatisfactory Attendance or Unsatisfactory Course Progress, view your Section 8 - ALG student course progress, attendance policy and procedure, and for more detailed information on an Intention To Report for Non-payment of Fees, view your Section 3 – Pre-enrolment information, certificates, fees and refunds policy and procedure, both of which are found in your Student Handbook.

Still need clarification or help?
Simply reach out to our friendly Student Experience Team by submitting a Request or use the Help widget.

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