I have received an Intention to Report for Unsatisfactory Course Progress

We understand that failing an assessment happens from time to time and there is nothing wrong with that! 

Throughout the term you are provided with a certain amount of resubmission attempts, depending on when the assessment is due (check out How many assessment resubmission opportunities do I receive? for more details). At the end of the term you may also receive a warning letter that provides you with a final submission attempt after the term has finished, in order to rectify your Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS) submission. 

If you are deemed Not Yet Competent (NYC) for two consecutive terms, or if you are deemed NYC for the same module twice (e.g. you are repeating a subject you have previously been deemed NYC for), we are obliged to send you an Intention to Report (ITR) for unsatisfactory course progress. Please check out your Student Handbook Section 8 - ALG student course progress, attendance policy and procedure for more information.

What can I do to cancel out the ITR?
The ITR provides with with 20-working days to resubmit your assessments from the date you receive the notification to the required standard. Once you have resubmitted this and been deemed Satisfactory, your ITR will be cancelled meaning we will take no further action. 

The Student Experience team will attempt to make contact with you over the 20 days to discuss your options. If you do not take action your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) will be cancelled.

How can I avoid being sent an Intention to Report in the future?
To avoid being sent an ITR for unsatisfactory course progress, we suggest you make sure you utilise all resubmission attempts and reach out to your trainer if you feel as though you need more clarification. 

Please note you have the right to submit an appeal against the ITR within 20-working days by filling in the online Complaints/Appeal Form, and ensure you provide supporting documentation. Please view our Complaints and Appeals Policy for further information. 

Still need clarification or help?
Simply reach out to our friendly Student Experience Team by submitting a Request or use the Help widget.

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