What is an Attendance Warning Letter?

Have you received an Attendance Warning Letter and are not sure what it is and what to do? You have come to the right place!

An Attendance Warning Letter is simply a reminder that ALG has noticed you may be at risk of not meeting the minimum attendance requirements, as outlined in the ALG Student Course Progress and Attendance Policy and Procedure. Although it seems scary at first, our intention is to ensure that you have been attending classes and meeting the course requirement. This also gives us an opportunity to support you to successfully complete your course. 

There are some reasons as to why you may have received an Attendance Warning Letter: 

  • You have not yet to participate in your scheduled class activities due to non-attendance; 
  • Your attendance is currently below 80%; 
  • You have not submitted any assessments by the given due date.

Attendance Warning Letters are sent out in Week 4 and Week 8 of the current term via email.

If you think that your attendance is not correct, please contact your trainer. Not sure how? Please check How can I get in touch with my trainer?

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