Why can't I access my Zoom class?

So sometimes there are little hiccups when it comes to online classes, sometimes it's not so simple as just clicking a link (as much as we would like that).
So lets get into a few reasons why you may not be able to get into your class, and how to fix that!
I have a zoom link, but it's not letting me in to the class?

  • Could be issues with your internet connection. Please first and foremost check that your internet is running smoothly, as this often causes disruptions to joining zoom classes.
  • The link could be expired/inactive or incorrect. There could have been an internal error, where an old link was posted in place of a current one, or simply the wrong link for your class. Please first double check that you are clicking onto the link of your correct class for that day, and if you are still facing the same problem, please contact your student experience team who will be able to help clarify the issue.

The link I have let's me into the zoom room, but nothing is loading?

  • Your trainer may not have joined the session yet. When this happens, it may or may not say something along the lines of "Trainer has not yet started the class" and in this case, please sit back and relax, as the link is correct, you are simply waiting on your trainer to join in and get things going! 
  • You may be trying to join a class that isn't being held that day. Please double check that you are clicking on the link for the class that you will have that day. It's so so easy to see a zoom class link and click on it without really looking at your timetable. So please make sure you are trying to get into the right class at the right time.
  • You may have missed the class. Please be sure to know your class times before hopping on to zoom. These sessions will usually run at the same time that you would have your classes on campus during the week, so be sure to make note before assuming!

Still need clarification or help?
Simply reach out to our friendly Student Experience Team by submitting a Request or use the Help widget.

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