What is Reasonable Adjustment support?

At ALG, we are firm believers in fairness, equality and empathy. We understand that sometimes you may experience something that impacts your ability to continue or participate in your course. As such. in these cases, we offer Reasonable Adjustment Support opportunities to all students.

If you have sustained an injury or have a pre-existing injury or disability which impacts your ability to continue or participate in your course, you may be eligible for a Reasonable Adjustment. These measures are extremely important as they ensure that students with disabilities have the same educational opportunities as everyone else. 

There are important details and conditions that need to be understood prior to submitting your application, so we strongly consider to view Section 14 of your Student Handbook.

To request Reasonable Adjustment support, you may submit our online Reasonable Adjustment Request form.

Once received, we will review your request together with your advocate and our academic team. We will then contact you to discuss your situation further and how we can help adjust your course to ensure you are able to participate in your course.

Still need clarification or help?
Simply reach out to our friendly Student Experience Team by submitting a Request or use the Help widget.

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