You have received a Letter of Offer from us and are keen to start your journey with us! The next step is for you to accept the offer and provide the payment receipt, so that we can issue you with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), and enrol you into your selected courses.

The process is very simple and we'll guide you each step of the way! If you received our Letter of Offer or had it revised after 24/08/2021, please refer to How do I accept my offer via DocuSign?

Step 1 
Download your Letter of Offer. Please take time to read and understand the important details concerning your course(s), ALG Policies and Procedures and Terms and Conditions. This includes ensuring your personal details, as well as the course details are correct. If you are agreeable with the content of the Letter of Offer, please refer to Page 11 on how to accept the offer. You may visit to commence the process or simply click on the computer icon which says "Accept Online".

Step 2
You will be navigated to the "Letter of Offer Acceptance Form". There are 3 steps to be completed. On the first step, you will be required to fill the following details: (1) Full Name (2) Date of Birth (3) Email Address, and (4) Offer Number. Once these are filled out, you may click on "I hereby confirm that my personal details are correct and I understand, accept and agree to the following, as laid out in the Letter of Offer number supplied above." Click on "Accept and Continue."

Step 3
On the second step, you will be required to indicate whether you're a New Student or a Return Student. New Student is a student who has never studied with ALG and a Return Student could be a student who is currently studying with us or has studied with us previously. 

Step 4
Once you click on New or Return student, you will be asked to confirm the payment option you have chosen to pay your course fees. This helps to ensure that you are given the correct payment schedule in your Letter of Offer.

Step 5
Once you have confirmed your preferred payment option to pay the course fees, the page will extended for you to indicate the fee amount you are due to pay at acceptance and the method of paying it. Please refer to Page 7 of your Letter of Offer for the applicable fees due. For our new students, the minimum amount is usually the Joining Fee. If you are accepting the offer after one of the Fee Due Dates have already passed, you would need to include payment for that instalment as well. 

Please note that you are required to include your proof of payment if you are using POLi Payment, Credit Card or Pay to Study to pay the fees and complete the process. If you select "via your Education Agent" and proof of payment is not available, worry not, our Admissions team will contact your Education directly to follow-up.

Step 6
If you have not yet made the payment, please click on the link of your chosen payment method and you will be directed to the payment portal to complete the payment transaction. 

Information on how to pay fees due at acceptance is available in Page 8 of your Letter of Offer.

Step 7
If you have selected to pay via POLi Payment or Credit card, you will be directed to ALG Payment portal. Please enter your Student ID or Offer Number as reference and click on "Retrieve Details". Don't forget to check and ensure the retrieved details are correct and click on "I confirm my name and reference number". 

The page will be extended to allow you to indicate your payment amount and make a selection to pay via POLi or Credit Card. To pay via POLi, you would need to have access to your internet banking account with one of the selected local Australian financial institution. If you are paying via your Credit Card, a service fee of 1% is applicable.

Once the payment is successfully made, upload your proof of payment and click on "I confirm my payment method selection and that the attached proof is mine and accurate."

What's next?

Our Admissions team will receive your offer acceptance notification once you have completed all the required steps. We will be reviewing the acceptance and issue you a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) within 24 to 48 hours.

If you have paid the fees due via your Education Agent and proof of payment is not available, our Admissions team will contact your Education Agent directly to follow-up. Please note this may prolong the time required to process your CoE.

Still need clarification or help? 

Simply reach out to our friendly Admissions Team. They will be more than happy to help in person, through Email, or over the Phone.