We're all living in uncertain times, lockdowns are unpredictable and can really hinder our plans. Luckily, we have a super easy solution on how to take the English Placement test if a lockdown were to be implemented. 


If there is a lockdown in the state you're living in, you have the option of taking the online version of ALG's English Placement test. Upon request, we would provide the instructions and the Test Identification Number (TIN) and you may take the online test at a time convenient for you. 


During this period, you would not be able to make a booking to take the English Placement test at the affected campus, as the lockdown days would be blocked off. 


ALG reserves the right to require applicants who completed the ALG in-house English proficiency test online to undertake a further confirmatory test on-campus before the commencement of their course. This is to ensure your test was completed genuinely and no plagiarism was involved.


Once you have completed the online English Placement test, our Admissions team would provide you the result within 24 hours and guide you on the next step to finalise your enrolment.


Still need clarification or help? 

For any further information, please refer to ALG English Proficiency Factsheet. You may also want to discuss with your friendly Admissions Team. They will be more than happy to help in person, through Email, or over the Phone.