You've just finished your final term of a qualification with ALG? That's awesome! Congratulations!

Now you're wondering when you will receive your Letter of Completion and your Certificate or Diploma? 

Let's have a quick look at what needs to be completed before sending out certificates to students. 

The finalisation process includes:

  • Ensuring all pending marking is completed.
  • Transferring all marks over to the RTOM system (which holds your enrolment).
  • Cross-checking the results transferred with your canvas results. 
  • Ensuring that all marks transferred are complete and satisfactory.
  • Once confirmed that all marks transferred are satisfactory, this can be locked and approved for issuing.

Our estimate of this process being completed, is usually Week 3 of the following term

If believe you should have received your qualification and it is after week 3 of the following term, you can request a copy of your certificate or diploma through the Document Request form on our website. 

Through this form, one of our Education Support team members will be assigned to your case and will send out your document as soon as they can.

Before requesting, you might want to check out:

Still need clarification or help? 

You may want to discuss further with your friendly Student Experience team! They will be more than happy to help in person, through Email, or over the Phone