We understand that your plans can sometimes change, and you may no longer wish to study the course you’re enrolled into. We are happy to process the changes for you!


In this instance, you will need to complete the 2 forms below:

  1. Extend Your Studies form - to apply the new course(s).
  2. Cancellation Request form - to cancel the course(s) you wish to change. 


Once these online forms are completed and submitted, the Admissions team will review and process your request. 


Overview of the Change of Course Procedure

  1. Submit both online forms before the commencement of the term that you intend to change from. If you are currently studying the course you wish to change, you will need to complete the term and the change will be applied from your next term of study. 
  2. Admissions will review your request and issue a Letter of Offer for you.
  3. You need to follow the steps on page 11 of your Letter of Offer on how to accept the offer. Your requested study days will be subject to availability, so the quicker you accept the offer, the better.
  4. Ensure payment for the following term is made by the payment due date stated in your Letter of Offer.
  5. Admissions team will enrol you into the new course and send you the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Cancellation of the course you intend to cancel will be completed once the term is finished. 


Point to remember - If you are intending to change your principal course from a Diploma level to a Certificate level, you may be required to apply for a new student visa. This change is deemed as a breach to your student visa condition. We advise you to plan your study pathway carefully. You may refer to the Department of Home Affairs for your options and clarification regarding this visa condition. 


Still need clarification or help? 

You may want to discuss further with your friendly Admissions team. They will be more than happy to help in person, through Email, or over the Phone.