Short answer: Yes you do!

The LLN (Language, Literacy and Numeracy) test assesses an individual’s performance in the 5 core skills, and these are: learning, reading, writing, oral communication, and numeracy. The test ensures that you have the basic skills required to complete your studies and succeed in the workplace. Apart from this, the test will also give ALG a clear picture of your current level of language, literacy, and numeracy skills, so that we can provide the proper support during your studies if required.

Before you can start studying at ALG you will need to successfully complete the online LLN test, regardless of previous qualification or nationality. The LLN test is required to be taken only once throughout your whole journey with ALG, and if you have not studied with us for more than 2 years, we may ask you to complete the LLN test again.

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Still need clarification or help? 

You may refer to our LLN and English Factsheet or you may want to discuss further with your friendly Admissions Team. They will be more than happy to help in person, through Email, or over the Phone.