Having a Student ID card can be handy for many situations, and in some states this can help you get cheaper public transport! 

Before applying for a card, please make sure your chosen photo has:

  • A white/plain background
  • Good lighting
  • No hats or glasses
  • A big smile!

There are two ways you can apply for this:

Via Canvas

  1. First, ensure that you have your photo ready!
  2. On your Learning Portal Canvas click on 'Courses'
  3. Under courses you will find the 'Student Orientation' course, please click!
  4. Once there, scroll down and click on the square tile titled 'Student ID
  5. Select your current campus.
  6. Then you can upload a photo to be used for your ID card, and done! Quick and simple! Your card will be printed, and you will be contacted once it is available for pickup from the front office.

If you do not have the Orientation course, you can apply via email

  1. Contact your campus Student Experience Team with your Full Name and Student Number to double check you do not have the Orientation course on Canvas. (For example; 'Hi! My name is Jane White, my student number is 20123456 my canvas does not let me apply for my Student ID card, could you please help?'). 
  2. If we cannot get you into the Orientation course, a member of the team will ask you to send your preferred ID photo via email. 
  3. And you're done! A member of the team will get back to you once it has been printed and is available for pickup from the front desk. 

The cost of a Student ID card is covered by your tuition fee, so no extra cost to you! 

Still need clarification or help? 

You may want to discuss further with your friendly student services team. They will be more than happy to help in person, through Email, or over the Phone