Feeling down, stressed, frustrated? Support from our family, friends or a counsellor can get you started on the road to recovery. As part of our ongoing student support, we offer counselling sessions for all students with our counsellor.

The ALG Counselling Service provides up to three free online sessions in any 12-month period with the purpose of students being referred onto relevant professional services for ongoing support. To view further session details, availability or to make a booking, simply navigate to our Student Counselling Service page.

This dedicated page also provides important information on external Emergency Contacts available to all you, as well as an array of Tools and Resources to help explore mindfulness strategies and extended support.

Further details can be found in the Student Support Guidelines section of the Student Handbook.

We are always here to help! 

It is important to note that our counsellor is not a student advocate, and such is unable to manage student education or administrative processes or requests. However as always, your Student Experience team is here on hand and available via email or call to provide extended support on these matters.