We know that you all try your best to attend 100% of the time, but also understand that sometimes there are things outside of your control that prevent you from being able to attend all your classes throughout the term.

Your student visa conditions require you to maintain satisfactory attendance throughout your course. We are required to monitor attendance each term and will send out warning letters in Week 4 and Week 8 of the term to advise that your attendance is at risk of being unsatisfactory. It is important to not ignore these reminders and if you are affected, please don’t stress, reach out to your Student Experience Team who will be able to advise and assist you on the next step.

If at the end of the term your attendance is less than 80% in a subject, you may receive an Intention to Report (ITR) for Unsatisfactory Attendance. Please check out your Student Handbook Section 8 - ALG student course progress, attendance policy and procedure for more information.

We are then obligated to report any international students who are not meeting course progress and/or attendance requirements.

Please note you have the right to submit an appeal against the ITR within 20-working days by filling in the online Complaints/Appeal Form, and ensure you provide supporting documentation. Please view our Complaints and Appeals Policy for further information.

Still need clarification or help? Please feel free to reach out to your Student Experience Team if you have any further questions.