We know submitting work is sometimes stressful so let's try and help you get all that hard work in the right place.

If it is taking a long time to load your Canvas or assignment page, there is no action, technical errors or warnings here are some common things we have found that might help:

Weak or no internet connection.

We know it sounds simple but this is a big one, check your WiFi has not dropped out or your internet source not working. Do the old “disconnect and reconnect” to your connection point or WiFi.

Long loading times when submitting or assessment submission errors.

Is your file larger than 500mb per file? Assessment uploads must be smaller than 500mb when you submit your assessment.

If your files are over the 500MB size limit, than we suggest that you compress your files using an online File Compression website such as Clideo (https://clideo.com).

None of the above working for you?

Get in touch with your student experience team as soon as you can and provide them with screenshots of the error message and and explanation of what’s going on so together we can get your hard work submitted. 

Happy submitting!