How do I accept my offer via DocuSign?

You have received a Letter of Offer from us and are keen to start your journey with us! The next step is for you to complete the actions on Page 17 of your Letter of Offer, so that we can issue you with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), and enrol you into your selected courses.

Step 1
Click on "Review Document" to view your Letter of Offer.


Step 2
Click on "Continue" to proceed.


Step 3
Scroll down to start reviewing your Letter of Offer. Please download a copy of the Letter of Offer so that you can click on the links embedded in your Letter of Offer with additional information.

Please take time to read and understand the important details concerning your course(s), ALG Policies and Procedures and Terms and Conditions. This includes ensuring your personal details, as well as the course details are correct. You may also choose to continue viewing later by simply selecting "Finish Later" under Other Actions.


Step 4
Once you are ready to accept your Letter of Offer, please complete the actions required on Page 17.

On Page 17, we have listed the common conditions that an applicant must fulfil before they can commence their course with ALG. Please select a suitable response for each category. 

If you have not yet fulfilled the conditions but will only complete it later, worry not! Simply select "No, I will complete it soon" as the response. 

If you have completed the condition(s), please attach the evidence if applicable for our reference. For example, if you have completed Certificate III in Fitness with another college and are applying to study a non-direct entry course like Certificate IV in Fitness with ALG, simply attach a copy of your Certificate III in Fitness award under "Providing completion certificate of a pre-requisite course" category, if you have not provide it at the point of application.

If you need an assistance to meet the English proficiency requirement of our courses, please select "I will complete ALG Versant Test" under "Evidence of English Language Proficiency" category. 

The next step is to add your signature. You have 3 options to choose from i.e. Select Style (you can click on "Change Style" to select your preferred signature styles), Draw your signature, or Upload a picture of your signature.

Please note that by adding your signature, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined in the Letter of Offer to study with Australian Learning Group. 


Simply click on "Adopt and sign" once you have decided on your signature.



To finalise your enrolment, please select one of the methods of payment you will be using to pay fees that are due at acceptance and attach the proof of payment. 

You can refer to Page 7 of your Letter of Offer for the applicable fees due. For our new onshore students, the minimum amount is usually the Joining Fee. For our new offshore students, the minimum amount is the Joining Fee + the first term tuition fee.

If you are accepting the offer after one of the Fee Due Dates have already passed, you would need to include payment for that instalment as well.

If there are no fees due, please still select one of the methods of payment that you would normally use to pay your tuition fees.

  • Pay via PayID
  • Pay via Pay to Study from Overseas
  • Pay via Education Agent (If proof of payment is not available, worry not! We will contact your Education Agent directly to confirm.)

Step 8
Once you have completed reviewing the Letter of Offer and the required actions on Page 17, please click on "Finish".

You will receive an electronic copy to view the completed document via email. If you have an Education Agent representing you, they will receive a copy as well.

What's next?
Our Admissions team will receive an electronic copy of your completed document once you have completed all the required steps. We will be reviewing the document and issue you a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) within 24 to 48 hours.

If you have paid the fees due via your Education Agent and proof of payment is not available, our Admissions team will contact your Education Agent directly to follow-up. Please note this may prolong the time required to process your CoE.

Still need clarification or help? 
Simply reach out to our friendly Admissions Team by submitting a Request or use the Help widget.

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