Internal: Course Suspension Request 2022

ALG Suspension policy - A10 Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation Policy and Procedure

Suspension of the studies refers to students placing the course on hold temporarily after the commencement of a course. Students who wish to suspend their study with ALG need to complete an online Course Suspension Request Form.

Once a Course Suspension Request Form is submitted by the student, a ticket is created on Zednesk. 

Ticket sample: SUS-1234 Student Services - Course Suspension Request Student First Name Student Last Name


1. Find the student in RTOM with the email address provided by the student in the Suspension form





2. Check course information

Check which course the student is requesting to suspend on the Suspension form



Check the course starting date to confirm the student has commenced the course

If the student has not yet commenced the course and wishes to defer the course start date, please advise the student to submit a Course Deferral Request. If the student intends to finish the current term, this is considered a FUTURE SUSPENSION.



3. Check whether the student has outstanding payment in RTOM 

If the student has outstanding payment for the current or past term, the suspension request is rejected, respond to the student with below rejection template in Zendesk:



Find the course then check the payment schedule




4. Check whether the student has received any ITR (non-payment/unsatisfactory attendance ITR/unsatisfactory course progress ITR) within 20 working days in RTOM Diary

If the student has received an ITR within 20 working days, the student should take action according to the ITR email, suspension request is rejected, respond to the student with below rejection template on Zendesk:



Go to Dairy and search for ITR email


5. ITR Email Subject

  • ITR for Non-payment



  • ITR for Unsatisfactory (NYS) Attendance



  • ITR for Unsatisfactory (NYS) Course Progress



6. Check the following information on the Suspension Form

  • Intended last day of study
  • Intention to complete the current term (if the student is not intending to complete the current term, the current term is considered as the suspended term).
  • Returning intake



7. Assess the reason for suspension and the supporting evidence



Important: due to the update of the training package, suspension for the following courses is not accepted:

1.CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

2. CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

3. SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness

4. SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness


Reason for Suspension Supporting Evidence Outcome
Medical Reasons a medical certificate that covers the duration of suspension Approve
Bereavement (of a close family member) a death certificate if possible Approve
Emergency Travel Flight Ticket/Itinerary (from AU and back to AU) Approve
Traumatic Experience Police Report or Psychologist's Report Approve
Work Placement Cancelled our work placement team confirms the information Approve
Offshore due to border closure The student is currently offshore Approve
Requested to suspend the course for more than 6 months   Reject
No compassionate or compelling reason   Reject


If the student has a valid reason for suspension but did not provide efficient support evidence, ask the student to provide it within 3 days with below response template in Zendesk then close the ticket.





8. If the suspension request is rejected, send the rejection notification with the template below in Zendesk then close the ticket.



If the suspension request is approved,




ask Rachel to provide the revised study plan via team chat



prepare the revised study plan table with this template: Revised Study Plan Template


9. Update the Current Course in RTOM

Record the suspension (including no study load term) via the ‘Defer’ button



Select the current course



Select the type as ‘suspension’ and the reason for suspension



10. Update the Dates

  • Request Date - suspension request submission date
  • Deferral Start Date - suspended term start date
  • New Start Date - returning term start date
  • Deferral Finish Date - suspended term end date
  • Approval Date - the date the suspension is approved and processed
  • Course Finish Date - as per Revised Study Plan



The comment must include the reason for suspension, suspended term, and returning term



Update the current course status and current course finish date




Update the current course status to "Suspension"



Update the current course finish date as per the Revised Study Plan



11. Update the subsequent/future course start date and course finish date in RTOM

  • Update the subsequent course start date as the start date of the following intake after the end date of the suspended course.
  • The subsequent course finish date is automatically updated in RTOM
  • Do not change the subsequent course status

12. Update Subjects via "Result"

If the student is suspending the current term, update the current term subject/s result as DO NOT REPORT IN AVETMISS(CANCEL), and add ‘suspended to Term X YEAR’ as comments.





If the student is enrolled in the future term subject, delete the subjectblobid40.png


13. Update the Payment Schedule

Send a request to the Finance Team to update future payments scheduled in RTOM for the current course as well as all future courses. Email with the screenshot of the revised study plan via Zendesk Side conversation of the cancelation request ticket.



14. Update Canvas

  • If the student is not intending to finish the current term, conclude the student's subject in Canvas
  • Find the student in Canvas with the Student ID



Find the current term subject



Conclude the current term subject



15. Update the current course CoE in PRISMS



Open the CoE to be updated



Add course variation




Reason for course variation

  • Deferring/suspending student enrolment

Reason for deferring/suspending student enrolment

  • Compassionate or compelling circumstances



Suspension dates are the same as the dates in RTOM Deferral Record



The student's last actual day of study is the same as the suspension request date (if suspending the current term) or the first day of the term



Create a new COE




Download the COE and upload it to RTOM COE folder





16. Update the subsequent course's COE in PRISMS

Follow the same process as updating the current course CoE and copy the paste the comments from the old CoE to the new one.


17. Provide the suspension request approval outcome to the student with the template below in Zendesk



18. Print and save the Zendesk email trail


Create a Suspension folder in the Upload button in RTOM with the following format "SUS-XXXX <suspending term>", then save the revised document/s (LoO, CoE), Zendesk email trail, and other supporting evidence/documents including the VEVO check to the folder.


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